Steven Savicky


It’s more than just taking a wild guess

I’m Steven Savicky. A Creative Director / Art Director who isn’t afraid to cross the line between mediums. What matters to me is the idea. When you have that, the line disappears and the world opens up. The idea has taken me around the globe – giving me the chance to work in cities like New York, Amsterdam and Minneapolis and I now call Toronto my home. Browse through samples of my work for some great brands. When you’re done, send me an email. Let’s chat about the kind of ideas that will open up the world for your brand.



Keen insights and solutions for client problems come from a deep dive into the brand to understand it and the consumer. From there, the truths are shown.


Clear strategic thinking to plan for optimal results. With the idea in hand the rest is mapped out so the brand engages with the consumer where they are.


Creative vision to see beyond the obvious and reach for more. The possibilities are endless but the right creative and tools create on target solutions.


Experience to rally and lead the team to great results. It's easy with the right motivational tools... pastries and coffee!

Creative Direction

It’s not about the pretty things but how it’s all brought together with vision, strategy, creativity and that certain “je ne sais quoi”... me.


Ok, this is about making it pretty: Pretty AWESOME looking and on target for the user!

The Team

Meet some of the crew but just remember...
I can grow the team when I need to. The more the merrier ;-)

Steven Savicky
Steven Savicky

The unicorn ninja of the team is here. Just get’s ‘er done!
Meowco Rubio
Meowco Rubio

Keeping the team well stocked with belly rubs and chew toys.
Matte Daemon
Matte Daemon

Let’s face it, every team needs a pretty face and this is the one.