Steven Savicky

Too much
of a good

A functional facelift that pays off

The Challenge

Too much of a good thing? That's the problem that American Express had. The client was looking for a solution to the fact that more and more of their customers globally were accumulating points from purchases but not redeeming them for rewards. In their words they had clients that would "hoard" rewards points so much that some were considered "super hoarders". For American Express this was a costly issue because they had dollars and cents tied up in points that were not being redeemed and this affected the bottom line. Users were not visiting the redemption site which meant that they were not redeeming points for items and cash rewards.

The Insight

On close examination, the original site was facing a number of issues that needed to be addressed in order to be successful. It needed to promote increased goal conversion, fit the brand's personality, be a consistent user journey across multiple devices and allow for customization of content across all international sites. Simple really.

Goal Conversion

Clear direction and educational information was needed to help them along the path to point redemption.

Brand Personality

The premium personality had been watered down and lost. The overall design, look and feel needed to shine and be brought back into alignment.

Device Consistency

The experience across devices was scattered and inconsistent. A ground up responsive methodology was needed to achieve device consistency.

International Customization

With 19 global markets, each team required the flexibility to adapt to their approach to users and product.

The Solution

A ground up responsive redesign was created. A perfect balance of brand personality, marketing needs and backend flexibility was developed. This allowed the global marketing teams to access, update and personalize their own market to reflect the tastes and needs of their customers while maintaining brand consistency across devices and global brand guidelines.