Steven Savicky

Time to
stick it

Let your voice be heard for a change

The Challenge

With the US Presidential election upon us there’s uncertainty in the air and voter fatigue and lack of trust in the candidates and the system. The world let alone the U.S. has never seen this kind of a brawl between the candidates nor have they ever seen a time where the "lesser of 2 evils" isn't much better. Jones felt that they needed their voice heard and wanted to get their followers engaged in the election. Get out and learn about who the candidates are and know what they're voting for.

The Insight

The brand has a grass roots following that it's built up over years and people are loyal to it. Jones has a product that is honest and transparent. Simple and strong and believes in stepping up and letting it's voice be heard. JONES Soda drinkers are independent thinkers and don't want to be controlled by cookie cutter society.

The Solution

Stick it to the man by "Jones-ing" the vote! Jones soda will give the audience a chance to have their own say in overthrowing "the Man" by holding their own mock Presidential vote to run in tandem with the ‘16 US Presidential vote. "Voters" are given the opportunity to vote on their choice of 4 candidates. The 4th candidate is the wild card and anyone could be nominated. At the end of the campaign the winner would go on to represent the people of JONES Nation.